Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tolerance is important
Tolerance should be embraced
Please let us all understand that we are all imperfect
Our imperfection will always cause problems
Lets crush the problems and tolerate each other
Lets forgive
Lets ignore our differences
Tolerance is an important tool
Lets Tolerate


  1. wonderful blog i have had a wonderful time reading it

    peace and light

  2. No personal quality is more essential than tolerance. With tolerance we can all live.

  3. Thank you for the lovely verses. Your words calm down the heart - try to rehabilitate the smile that is so needed today to my country. The hundreds are leaving Lithuania daily. People are immigrating and press reports that next year will be much harder than current hopeless situation. In the light of despair your call for the tolerance looks like some fairy tale that awake the visions and dry the tears. I am so glad to meet you - to welcome the man who talks about the love and value the greater things than success to survive at any cost.

  4. yes i agree if the tolerance is important, nice poem bro :)