Friday, January 22, 2010

Battle of Love

Lets do Battle,
Lets engage the world in a battle of love,
Lets fight lovingly,
Let our weapons be Genuine affection, Words of encouragement,

This battle shall be victorious,
Everyone shall win,
No losers, No enemy,
Just a bunch of merry makers.

This is a Battle of Love,
Lets display and see who shows love better,
It is a bloodless battle.
Our heart shall be the armory of weapons.

The Bullets will be Care, the bomb will be kindness,
The grenade will be Goodness.

My friends, lets continue to show love at its best.

May God help us all.

Love to you all.
Feel it, breath it, assimilate it.


  1. What a great idea! Absolutely beautiful! Friend, I'm ready to join you in your battle of love.

  2. This is amazing! Hope tall this becomes true one day! :) very thoughtful!