Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Strength To You

We all need strength,
We need physical strength,
We all need mental strength,
We all need enough strength to cope with all obstacles,

Lets pray to our creator for strength to cope in 2010,
Lets pour our heart to him on our desires,
He will surely answer us.

May God give us all the strength to achieve our dreams,
May God give us the strength to serve him,

May we all have Good health inside and out to achieve our dreams,
Strength to Love,
Strength to be kind,
Strength to succeed.

I wish you all God's Blessings in 2010,
May we all live to fulfill our many desires.


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  2. wow, Muyiwa, I must really commend u...dis is nice..keep it up..all d best

  3. May the good Lord strenghten us, coz strenght is really what we need to keep things alive in our lives.

    Good work.